Darren Davis: Expert transit advice and inspiration from Auckland, NZ.

I was honoured to be invited to share some perspectives from Auckland’s New Network transformation of its public transport network when I was recently in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Here are some thoughts after my visit from the good folks at the It’s More than Buses transit advocacy group from that city.

It's More Than Buses

It’s More than Buses has been thrilled to host Darren Davis over the last three days. Darren is the principal public transit planner in Auckland, New Zealand. Under his direction, Auckland has completely redrawn their bus network. Early results are promising, with ridership up over 30% in some parts of the network. This type of radical re-design is both rare and incredibly inspiring. Auckland’s audacious transit plans hopefully represent emerging best practices for transit networks everywhere.

Darren’s expertise and direct experience with a complex transit network were a perfect fit for Halifax. We were very excited when he added Halifax to his 2016 North American transit tour (San Francisco, Vancouver, Edmonton to date, with more stops to come!).

Some quick thoughts on some things that Darren’s visit has taught us or reminded us are below. We’ll post about these topics in more detail over the next few weeks.

Buses are…

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